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Victory Song Lyrics


Footsteps break the silence, theres a rumbling in the sky
Theres a call to all White men: Arise, Arise
Security men in black, they are leading the way
To this grand Victory march, on this glorious day

Victorys in the air
High energy everywhere
On this hour so strong
Come and hear our Victory song
Come on people gather round, cant you hear that Victory sound
Confederate Knights of America are marching through your town
Come along all folk, come join in, we are heading for a win
Just like our fallen ancestors we will never give in

Come on all kinsmen, its time for us to unite
For our freedom is at stake if we dont have the guts to fight
And to all of those who try to destroy us well match them blow for blow
For Victory is in our hearts, defeat well never know


The blood of our fallen warriors must be carried on
For we owe it to their spirit to grasp that new dawn
Just like an angry lion youll hear our mighty roar
To the genocidal ways of the streets we shout "no more!"




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