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Morality Outragor Lyrics

You're not from this part of town
You don't belong
Come to pry into our privacies?
We're gonna make you LOOK WRONG

Chorus: Can't allow for your amiability
You outrage our morality

We're urged to beat you into fragments

You're the achievement of our eternal dream
A physical ambition
But we're stuck in our indoctrinated morality
And you provoke our weak points


We're gonna beat you into fragments

You don't belong
Are gonna put you in the wrong

We're urged to beat you into fragments

You make us feel we are not free
With your self-chosen ego-liberty
We'll strive to hinder that you go far
'cause you remind us of what cowards we really are


We're urged to beat you into fragments
We're gonna butt you like a fag-end

Lyrics written by Chris Juris 1988
Music written by Per Eriksen 1988
This song appears on the album "The Eternal Need Of..."
All President Fetch (1986-90) lyrics written by Chris Juris




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