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Just A Little While Lyrics

I have to go away
My flights not far away
You think your love has strength
But its just your mind, oh yeah
My heart is in your hand
Waiting for your command
Thats enough assurance to believe Im true
So baby hold on

Just a little while
Just a little while longer
Just a little while
Im coming back to you
In a little while
For a little while longer
In a little while
Im coming back

A thousand wasted tears
Our loves been strong for years
Your cry is not in vain
Cuz I understand
Im trying to be the man
You loved when we began
Your cry is not alone
Im crying too
You gotta hold on


If only you knew my love
You wouldmt feel this way
Baby dont be afraid
Cuz Im coming back to you

Do you hear my plea
For understanding
Wait for me
In my arms youre gonna be
In just

[Repeat Chorus until fade]




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