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Inside Your Head Lyrics

I was skateboarding the other day. When I say this real cute girl. She was my type, my kind of girl. She had big breast and she was blond. Could it be true that I`m in love. I wish I could be in her arms. I`d do anything to make her mine. Your that babe I was waiting all along.

I think that you`re the one for me. Because you`re always inside my head. You just can`t get out of my mind. You`re the best girl in the world.

I think that I`m in love with her. She makes me feel so good inside. I`m so lucky to have seen her first. I think I`m going to ask her out. Maybe we could go out on dates. I`ll make her the happiest girl in town. She`s so good I want to be with her. I will give everything that she wants.




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