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Im Gon Laugh Lyrics

Yeah Baby

We Went Out For Like 11 Months
Now Where We At?
You Dumpped Me Over The Phone
In Front Of Your Two Best Friends
Thats When It Came To An End
Why The Fuck Is That?

Im Gon Laugh when yo girl breakz ya heart
Im Gon Laugh when ya ask for me back
Im Gon Laugh when ya feel how i felt
Im Gon Laugh when yo plane crashes wit u on it
Im Gon Laugh when ya life fucks you over
Im Gon Laugh when yo time is up
and when all of this, is all all done
I Will Laugh and look back on how much i love you
and how much i miss u and how much i need and want u
Im Gon Laugh at myself for being such an ass
cuz i dont deserve u at all
because u are my sun and u are my moon and u mean the world to me
Im Gon Laugh...because im so sorry.

I Miss You, My Baby, I Wish I Could Have U In My Arms
Cuz You Know You Want Me So Bad,
You Know That She Will Neva Love U Like I Do
Call Me Your Sexii Mami Please
I Need You, Back In My Life,
My Babi Boy

(chours fading out but repeat three times before fade)




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